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Looking to place a bulk order of shirts for a company event, family reunion, or athletic team apparel?

Then Screen Printing is the way to go!

(no minimums, but usually 12-24 is required to make this a cost-effective choice)

SCREEN PRINTING, also called SILK SCREENING, is a great way to print your larger orders. Although we need specific details about apparel and artwork before we can give you a definite price, the chart in our price list page will give you a ballpark if you're just getting started.

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All screen print jobs require a one-time setup/screen fee of $35 per color.

How does screenprinting work?

screen printer with machine For each color in your design, we prepare a screen, which is a little bit like a large stencil created on a mesh. We set these screens up on a machine and carefully align them so that the colors register perfectly (so all the parts of your design line up). Once the machine is ready, we load a shirt onto the pallet, and it moves under the first screen.
screen printing machine
The shirt is pressed between the screen and the pallet, and ink for the first color is pressed through the screen onto the shirt. The machine revolves to the next station, and the first shirt gets pressed with the 2nd color, while the next shirt gets the 1st color.

It's very time consuming to make screens and set up the machine, so it's expensive to screen print small quantities of shirts. However, once it's set up, the machine is very efficient, so screen printing is the lowest cost method for printing large quanities (for most designs).

Want to learn more? Check out this Wikipedia article on screen printing.

What is an underbase? Do I need one?
It's like putting a primer coat when you paint a car or house. When we print on dark colored shirts, we usually need to put an underbase coat down first. Please give us a call or stop in and we'll help you understand the options for your design.

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