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Custom Embroidered Patches

We offer two methods of patch creation:

  • Quick Turnaround Patches
  • Production Patches

Quick Turnaround Patches. If you have small order, or need quick turnaround, we can use our quick turnaorund method. The outside of the patch is a satin stitch, the interior is twill with embrodiery. We can create virtually any shape, and we can even create hybrid patches that are a blend of image transfer and embroidery - if your artwork is photographic, sometimes hybrids are the best option.

Standard Turnaround is 4 business days, RUSH service available, in some cases as soon as same-day.

Production Patches. For patches with a fully merowed edge (hot knifed for some complex shapes) for a durability, we can offer production patches. For embroidery only patches, the minimum is 50 pieces; For Sublimation patches, the minimum is 100 pieces.

Standard turnaround is 4 weeks, RUSH service as fast as 2 weeks posssible depending on production levels.

Pricing is much lower per patch for this method.

patch comparison merrow vs satin

If you send us the art in EPS format (with fonts converted to outlines) and tell us what size you want it sewn out, we can do a rough stitch count estimate and give you a price estimate based on that.

We also offer image transfer patches. These are patches that combine some embroidery with the benefits of a full-color imprint. As with full embroidery patches, we have two methods for these: quick turnaround and overseas production.

Quick Turnaround IMG Patches have a satin stitch border around a white twill patch in whatever custom shape you desire. No minimum order on these. The interior of the patch starts out as white twill, but we apply a full-color image transfer to this to create a full-color result like this (click for a higher res version to see detail):

IMG Patch

Overseas Production Image Transfer Patches use a combination of embroidery and image on the interior for a more rich, detailed look. Click on the image below to see the detail of the dog fur - this was sewn first in white thread then sublimated with a full color design. The result is the texture and detail of embroidery with the subtle gradients and photographic look of a photo transfer. Produciton time is 4 weeks, with RUSH service of ~2 weeks possible in some cases. Minimum order 100:

overseas dog patch DYE

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