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Why we generally don't sign NDAs:

With very few exceptions, Imprint Revolution will not sign Non-Disclosure Agreements. However, as a matter of practice, we honor the most legitimate elements of those documents as part of our daily practice including:

  • Reprinting designs. We will never print your designs without your permission. We never share your art with other customers or entities without your permission. If an employee were to print or share your information without permission, that would be grounds for termination. We hire good people who follow the rules. This is the most anyone can reasonably expect in this area.
  • Competing with you (we don't). We don't compete with our customers. We generally don't sell pre-printed shirts, it's not our expertise or interest. Think of us this way: Imagine you're a novelist. We're more like FedEx/Kinkos, not Simon & Schuster. If you brought your manuscript in to photocopy, Kinkos isn't going to sign an NDA. They don't publish books, they just copy them. In other words, we aren't in the business of selling pre-printed shirts to the masses, we're in the business of custom printing your design for you.
  • Discretion. We don't make our customer list public without your permission. If you have a sensitive project, we'll limit the number of people involved and remind them not to talk about it outside of work. For example, every week we print shirts that are used on-camera in major TV shows. We've had our work on lead actors in dozens of shows over the years. The episodes don't air for weeks or months after the filming date. We've never printed extra shirts or shared ideas/jokes/etc or otherwise spoiled or damaged the time-sensitive nature of the material. We've also never signed an NDA to that effect - it's just how we do business. We're discrete and professional.

We signed an NDA once because we were printing a new brand for a Fortune 500 entertainment entity on the eve of the announcement of that brand/concept. We had a skeleton crew work after hours, ensured no part of the new logo was accidentally shared (we shredded test prints before putting them in the dumpster even), etc. It wasn't this, but think "launch of the iPhone" kind of thing. After a few days, the whole world knew this brand/concept existed, at which point our NDA ended because it was all public knowlege. If you have a similar situation and want to pay extra for the cloak and dagger, we can provide that, along with a short-lived NDA.

But if you're just worried that someone's going to copy your design, please realize that the moment you release a printed shirt into the world, virtually anyone who wants to (illegally or otherwise) copy your design can just do it (we won't be one of these entities, of course). You can sue them and try to stop them, but the secret is out of the bag once you let it out. NDAs aren't going to help you. A good marketing plan will. And if we were to copy and sell your design (we won't, ever), you'd have the same case against us whether or not we signed an NDA.

As a contract lawyer friend of ours says, "never enter into a contract with a party you wouldn't trust without a contract." We feel the same. If you need us to be extra extra discrete, just ask us (and tell us what you need, like, "don't mention the existence of this art/concept/film/game/etc until next week when it goes live.")

If you need me to sign a very short (like 1-2 sentences) document where I promise not to talk about your project for a very short, defined period of time, I may do that if it's warranted. But if you don't trust us to be professional and discrete without and NDA, you shouldn't trust us to behave any differently just because we signed one.

So, why don't we sign NDAs? The reason we don't usually sign NDAs is twofold:

  • We're already professional and discrete, and we prefer not to do business with people who don't trust us
  • NDAs almost always ask us to give away significant rights and make us liable for myriad actions that are largely out of our control, most of which have nothing to do with furthering the core goal of the NDA

Like you, we're professionals. We look forward to working with you in good faith!

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