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What type of files can I submit to you? (Art specs)
Vector art or a high resolution file. Click here for more detailed art specs for garments. Click here for more info on art specs for stickers. Learn how to convert fonts to outlines in Adobe Illustrator.
You can upload your art files to us if they are too large to email - Upload your art files here.

What imprint methods do you offer?
We offer several methods of decoration garments, including Screen printing (also called silk screening), DTG (Direct- To-Garment Printing), embroidery, vinyl transfers, image transfers, dye sublimation, and more.

What if I only want one shirt?
No problem. There's no minimum order on t-shirts (and no real maximum, either - ask us for a quote on your 25,000 shirt order!). If you just want one shirt, the best option is probably either a transfer, or DTG (direct-to-garment) printing. Give us a call or stop in and we'll help you choose the best option.

How long does it take to make my shirts?
Normal turnaround for transfer orders is 4 business days (specialty garments, specialty materials, or large orders may take a little longer). Normal turnaround for screenprinting is 7-10 business days. RUSH service is available for almost all orders, on a sliding scale of fees (like FedEx, the faster you need the garments, the higher the rush fee). To learn more about turnaround times, paying for your order, etc, click here. Turnaround times start when we have a complete order from you.

How much does it cost?
Pricing for custom-decorated garments is based on the nature of the project. Quantity of garments, style and color of the garments, the number of locations (ie front, back, sleeve, etc) for imprinting, and the complexity of the art all affect pricing. Please give us a call and we'd be more than happy to quickly provide you with a quote. Sometimes it's helpful to email your art in advance of your call.

What are the Terms and Conditions of placing an order with you?
See here for our Terms and Conditions. Additional terms and conditions may apply for certain orders.

What is screen printing?
Screen printing is probably the most common method of decorating garments, and has been around for decades. Also, known as silk screening, this process uses ink pushed through screen meshes to create designs from one to many colors. It's very cost effective for larger orders, but can be expensive for small quanities. Learn more here.

What's the difference between screen printing and a transfer?
Screen printing puts ink directly onto the fabric, transfers involve ink or dye printed onto a transfer material that is then applied to the fabric. The best way to understand the differences is to stop by our store to look and feel for yourself. Here are some examples of differences:
Screen printing usually feels a little lighter to the touch, and less heavy on the shirt.
Transfers reproduce subtle shading (like fleshtones) and gradients better than screen printing.
It's possible to economically produce just one shirt with a transfer, while it's very expensive to produce one or just a few screen printed garments. On the other hand, nothing beats screen printing for low cost on larger orders.

Is a transfer the same thing as an iron-on?
No. If iron-ons are Little League, our materials are Major League. Our transfers are professional grade, applied with a state-of-the-art heat press. We have a variety of transfer materials, each of which is suited to certain types of art, garment colors, etc. Transfers have come along way from the 70s-80s iron-on look (though we can still create something like that for you if you want). Today's transfers are vibrant, long-lasting, light weight, and some can even stretch as much as spandex. We use three main types of transfer:
1. Vinyl transfers are great for one-color designs, and look similar to screen printing.
2. Classic image transfers are perfect for putting photos and similar art on white or light shirts.

3. Opaque image transfers allow you to put multi-color and/or photographic designs on dark shirts.

What is embroidery?
Custom embroidery, also known as monogramming, is the process of sewing your text or design onto a garment. Technically, monogramming is just initials or names, and embroidery encompasses monogramming as well as logos, designs, custom text, applique, and more. Learn more about embroidery here.

How big can my image be?
This depends on the process we're using - show us your art and we'll help you figure it out. For most image transfers and vinyl transfers, the limit is just under 16"x20" (traditional image transfers on white are limited to 11x17"). For embroidery, it's up to 11.5"x16". For standard screen printing, 15"x19". However, in some cases we may need to reduce this slightly, based on the nature of your design. We can do a one-color print on whites up to 18"x24", and in some cases up to 3 colors at 16"x22" but we must see if your art will work for that equipment. It's also possible for us to do transfers with multiple presses at larger sizes, but only for suitable artwork. DTG printing can usually go up to 12.75"x19.75".

We can also offer all-over/jumbo screen printing, but the costs are much higher, and minimums do apply (usually 300 per design). Please give us a call if you're interested in a large print, we'll work with you to try to find the right solution.

What brands and styles do you offer?
Thousands! Our most popular shirts are Hanes, American Apparel, Gildan, Bella, Canvas, Alternative Apparel, ProClub, and Pima, but we offer many more. We have hundreds of samples on hand in our store for you to see and touch, or check out our online garment catalogs for some of our selection.

Which shirt is the best?
That depends on your taste - we recommend that you stop by our store to look and feel for yourself.

Do you offer eco-friendly printing?
We offer a selection of eco-friendly products, including organic garments, bamboo garments, and items made from recycled materials. Eco-friendly printing is a complicated issue - beware when someone tells you their method is eco-friendly. For example, water-based ink is still poisonous. We offer it, but it isn't as eco-friendly as some would have you believe. Contact us for more info.

Do you offer water-based ink?
Sure. We can print with discharge and water-based ink, as well as a variety of other specialty inks and methods including metallic ink, foil, and more.

Can you design my shirt? Do you offer graphic design and logo design?
Yes! We have a staff of talented artists who will work with you to create your design. If you stop by our store to work with us, we will include a limited amount of art time with your order for free. After that, artwork is $60/hr billed in 15 minute increments.

Do you have clip art?
Yes! We have a large selection in the store, and a smaller selection that you can browse online. If you'd like to use our online clip art, the cost is $5/image (unlimited use).

Why IR instead of another printer?
We offer the best quality and service in the industry. Want proof? Check out our reviews on Yahoo! Local

Are you a USC and UCLA licensed vendor?
No, because USC and UCLA made this cost prohibitive. Contact us about whether your logo requires a licensed vendor.

Do I have to pay sales tax?
Unless you have a seller's permit, yes. Learn more here.

Do you sign NDAs?
We find the are generally unnecssary. Learn more here.

Can you print my fan art?
In some cases. By law, we cannot print copyrighted artwork unless we are printing for the copyright holder. If there's any question of whether it's a copyright violation, we must decline. Learn more here.

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