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Custom Embroidery & Monogramming

embroidered patch

Want to embroider a Company logo or a Name on a apparel or headwear for a professional/corporate look?

Want to personalize a garment, bag, or towel with a name or monogram?

Then Embroidery is the way to go! Check out some samples of our work here.

We offer monogramming, custom logos, patches, and more.

(No Minimums)

CUSTOM EMBROIDERY AND STITCHED LETTERING (also called custom monogramming) is a great way to have a name (basic lettering), and/or logo sewn onto apparel. This method can pretty much be used on all types of apparel from t-shirts to sweatshirts.

We offer:

Text-only Embroidery. If you are just looking to embroider/monogram a person's name on a supplied piece of apparel, prices start at $24.75 (price is subject change depending on the size of the lettering). You can choose from our large selection of embroidery fonts and various colors for embroidery of names. No Minimums, but the more you order, the lower the cost/item.

Pricing for individualized text-only embroidery using stock fonts and stock colors*
# Of Items Cost/item for up to 8k stitches**
1 $24.75
2 to 3 $19.75
4 to 7 $15.75
8 to 11 $12.75
12+ $9.75
*Call for potentially discounted pricing on projects with the same exact design on all pieces (ie not individualized) and/or larger orders (longer turnaround times may apply). Custom logos or fonts will require setup fees and possibly additional per-item costs.
**larger designs, premium/custom colors, unusual placement, and extra locations may incur additional charges, call or stop in for details.

Custom logo embroidery. You only have to supply us with the artwork you wish to embroider prior to pricing so we can review and quote a set up/digitizing fee.

Here are some custom logos we've produced. Click a photo for more detail:

puff embroidery letterman jacket with applique abdc chamption cap with metallic thread

The standard digitizing fees range from $40-$95 on up, depending on the size and density of the design. Anything that is very detailed, multi-colored, or has heavy stitch count will be priced accordingly. Please consult one of our helpful staff via email to price out your project.

We also offer specialty embroidery, such as applique (fabric letters are sewn on with fancy embroidery for a more 3-D look), puff/3D embroidery and metallic thread. We have greek lettering and can add your fraternity or sorority name to a garment. We're also UCLA and USC licensed if you need offical logos for those schools.

Please give us a call or stop in to learn more.

Learn more about special embroidery techniques, and see examples.

What is digitizing? A digitized embroidery file (like a DST) is not just a different format like EPS or PSD, etc.  It’s actually a stitch map – it tells the machine where each and every stitch should go.  The conversion process is done manually by our experienced digitizers (99% of graphic artists do not have this skill, it’s a niche), it’s not a simple “save as” situation.

If you send us the art in EPS format (with fonts converted to outlines) and tell us what size you want it sewn out, we can do a rough stitch count estimate and give you a price estimate based on that.

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