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We can sew on a variety of items, and a variety of fabric types.

Here's a cap we did with metallic thread for America's Best Dance Crew:
Americas Next Dance Crew Cap

We also offer 3-D, or puff embroidery, like this:
puff embroidery 3d embroidery

Some designs require a variety of stitch types. This one uses satin, fill/tatami, and run stitches to show all the different elements in the design:
spartans cap for House MD

We offer applique and tackle twill as well, such as this letterman jacket we did for Ray-J's crew:
letterman jacket with applique lettering for rayj

Some fabrics require special treatment or solutions. For example, very nappy fabric, like some terrycloth towels, can interfere with the embroidery unless we put down a background fill.

Here's an example of a stuffed animal with very deep nap to the fur:

We put down a background fill stitch pattern to flatten out the fur. Otherwise, the text would have been lost in a sea of fur.

Trucker caps are popular, and we usually do transfers on them, but sometimes you can get a cool effect by embroidering into the foam front like this:
trucker cap with embroidery

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