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Completing Your Order
A complete order means:

  • All garment styles, sizes, colors and quantities selected
  • Final art, colors, and design placement approved
  • Payment arranged (usually this means a credit card number, but other options are available)
It pays to ensure all these details are exactly as you desire, because we are unable to offer refunds for orders that are produced according to your specs.

Turnaround Times
Turnaround times start from the date and time we have a complete order from you (see above). Normal turnaround for transfer orders is 4 business days (specialty garments, specialty materials, or large orders may take a little longer). For DTG it's 5 business days. Normal turnaround for screenprinting is 7-10 business days. RUSH service is available for almost all orders, on a sliding scale of fees (like FedEx, the faster you need the garments, the higher the rush fee).

Orders are ready after 5pm on the day they are due unless other arrangments have been made. Rush fees may apply for a due time other than 5pm.

Garment Selection
We offer hundreds of styles of t-shirts and other garments. We order these daily from our vendors, rather than keeping a warehouse full of unneeded shirts. So, we can only begin processing your order until we know what brand, style, color, and sizes of garments you'll need.

We do keep a limited supply of our most popular shirts on hand, and we're able to will-call many items from local vendors - call us to find out if we can accommodate your same-day rush.

Stop by our store to see samples of many of our most popular garments, including t-shirts, hoodies, caps, tote bags, onesies, and more. You can start shopping online by checking out some of our catalogs here.

Garment Sizes
We can give you some guidance on picking the right garment size, but it's hard for us to pick the right size for you, and simply impossible for us to pick the right size for someone who isn't present. We are frequently asked questions like, "what size shirt should I get for my 6 year old neice?" We wish we could tell you, but here's the problem: we don't know if she's tall/short for her age, skinny/heavy for her age, if she likes tight fitting garments, or loose.

Don't worry, we'll help you out. We'll tell you what works for us, what size we guess will work for you - in many cases we can even offer you spec sheets that show the exact measurements of the garments - but we regret that we simply can't tell you what size to order. The best way to pick a size is to come in to our store - for our most popular shirts, we have most sizes here that you can try on. For other styles, we try to carry one or two sizes so you can at least get an idea.

We do need your final garment size selection before we can begin processing your order. And, if you decide to change the number, size, or color of garments once your order is complete, we may need to charge you a restocking fee - it may even be impossible to switch, though we'll do whatever we can to help you out.

Art/design colors, placement, and sizing
We need to know what art we're printing, where we're printing it, how large, and in what colors.

The best way to get this figured out is to stop into the store (yes, there's a theme here). If necessary, we can make an approximate virtual mockup for you that we can discuss over email, but nothing beats standing in front of a mirror here in the store, holding up a printout of your art at the size we're planning on printing. We usually specify art size in terms of the width of the design.

We produce hundreds of thousands of shirts every year. Ask us to put your design in a standard location (center chest, left chest, etc), and we'll do it like we always do it. Which is to say, we make it look normal, adjusting based on shirt size/style and the nature of the design. If you want something unusual or specific, we can do that, but be warned: we find that our customers who specify placement (ie, exactly 3.25" down from the bottom of the neck seam) are more likely to regret that choice than customers who say "center chest, standard placement, please."

Please don't ask us to reproduce someone else's design without their permission. It's against the law. By virtue of placing an order with us, you are stating that you own the rights to reproduce the art we are printing/transferring/sublimating for you.

You represent and warrant that you have the right to use all designs (including text) that you provide to us to decorate merchandise ("Designs.") You agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless for, from and against all claims of third parties related to claims related to the Designs and our placement of the Designs on merchandise, including but not limited to claims of infringement, defamation or slander.

We need to know (exactly) what colors to print on your shirts.

That shade of red you love on your monitor looks different than my monitor, and different still on each of my printers. CMYK, RGB, and Web Hex colors are not universal - what they look like depends on the device (monitor, printer, etc) producing them. So, we don't use these values to specify colors. We use the Pantone matching system, specifically the Solid Coated colors (the numbers will have a little c after them). If you choose that shade of red you love from an actual color book printed by Pantone, we'll guarantee a match (for screen printing - this doesn't apply to digital methods like transfers and DTG or even thread colors). Beware: if you pick the Pantone color by viewing it on screen, we can't match that. Why? Because your monitor looks different from our monitor, and unless it's very very expensive and has been calibrated in the last day to match the Pantone printed books, it's not color accurate. So, stop into the store to select the colors you want us to print, or use your own Pantone-printed swatch books (or ask your local copy shop if you can look at theirs).

To sum up the color question:

On screen printed t-shirts, we need Pantone Solid colors to be specified.

For transfers, stickers, dye sublimation, or DTG, we'll be printing these digitally, so we simply cannot guarantee color accuracy or matching. Sorry. If you want to pay extra to have us do some color testing so that we can come closer, we can do that - ask about details when you place your order.

We cannot begin your order until we have made payment arrangements. For most orders, we take full payment at the time the order is placed. In some cases, we are able to accept a down payment (usually no less than 50%), with the balance due when you pick up your items. If you are unable to stop into the store, we can email or fax you a credit card authorization form, but we need this back with an actual signature (faxe or scanned+emailed) before we can proceed with your order.

To be clear: your order is not complete (and we will not begin work on it) until you have made payment arrangements that we have agreed to.

Terms and Conditions
Ready for the legal stuff?

By signing, you: (i) agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement and (ii) verify the accuracy of the information on this form. We DO NOT REFUND orders. You agree that if you leave the store with decorated items, all items are complete and acceptable to you. We charge a cancellation fee if you wish to cancel the order after you sign this invoice. The cancellation fee varies based on our effort to fulfill your order prior to the time of cancellation. Color matching is not guaranteed on transfer or DTG orders.
Standard turnaround for small quantity orders is 4 business days. All rush orders are subject to an additional charge that varies according to quantity of order and requested turnaround time. Due date is tentative until order is final. A final order consists of approved artwork and placement, garment size breakdown, and deposit.You must pay in advance for orders under $500.You must pay a minimum 50% deposit for orders of $500 or more.
All past due balances are subject to a charge of 5% per month starting on the 30th day after the date the payment is due.If we have to resort to legal means to collect amounts due under this agreement, you will pay all of our costs of collection, including reasonable attorneys' fees.
If you do not pick up your items within 90 days after they are completed, we will dispose of them at our discretion.
You represent and warrant that you have the right to use all designs (including text) that you provide to us to decorate merchandise ("Designs.") You agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless for, from and against all claims of third parties related to claims related to the Designs and our placement of the Designs on merchandise, including but not limited to claims of infringement, defamation or slander.
If you give us items to decorate ("Customer-Supplied Merchandise"), we will do our best to decorate it. However, we are not responsible for damage to Customer-Supplied Merchandise. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to decorate Customer-Supplied Merchandise, but cannot guarantee results. The industry average is that at least 1% of items are damaged in the decoration process. If we supply the merchandise to be decorated, you pay only for the final decorated merchandise that you receive. We will not reimburse customers for damaged or lost Customer-Supplied Merchandise.

Refunds and cancellations
We are unable to offer refunds for orders that are produced according to your specs. We may be able to cancel your order sometime between when it is placed and when we produce the items, but that depends on the timing. If we are able to cancel, we may need to charge fees to cover re-stocking, materials produced, art time, and other costs.


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