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#4 t-shirts just like the ones worn by Brett Favre in the jeans commercial:

Check out our line of pre-printed shirts, including the #4 shirts we made for the jeans commercial that featured Brett Favre, and the new purple and white shirts.

Have you seen the jeans commerical with Brett Favre wearing the t-shirt with a faded #4? Buy yours now!

Like that faded number 4 t-shirt from the tv commercial featuring Brett Favre that ran 2007-2009? That shirt was created by Imprint Revolution, based in Los Angeles, CA.

We've producted a limited number of shirts just like the faded #4 t-shirts we made for the commercial. Click here to get yours now! We also offer a pink #4 shirt and a purple #4 shirt. Click here to order. Or, embrace Brett Farve's new Minnesota era with a purple and white shirt.

Only $29.99 each

call us if you have any questions: 310.474.4472

or click here to email us

Click here to learn what some of our customers are saying about our faded number 4 style t-shirts!

NOTE: These shirts are in no way endorsed by Brett Favre, any brand of jeans, or any professional sports enterprise. They are reproductions of the same art we created for the jeans commerical mentioned above.


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